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The "Setting Yourself Up For Success" Video Seminar Program:
Avoiding Litigation in Your Long-Term Care Facility

Finally ... There's an Easy to Understand, Fun to Watch Course That Gives You an
A to Z Blueprint to Prevent Potential Lawsuits To Your Nursing Facility

Extended Care Products is proud to introduce one of the nation's top Long-Term Care Defense Attorneys, Christy Tosh Crider, of the Baker Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz Law Firm is this "must-see" video library study program. Filmed live, you're in attendance as Ms. Crider, assisted by fellow LTC defense attorney Sonya R. Smith, present this informative and educational examination into the inner-workings of how and why many nursing facilities are sued in this day and age.

The Setting Yourself Up For Success Video Library Study Program is broken up into short detailed segments, all designed to focus on the specific challenges nursing facilities face in the daily battle to prevent being sued by overzealous trial attorneys:

  • Segment 1: Dealing With Unrealistic Expectations From Your Families/
    How a Complaint Becomes a Lawsuit
  • Segment 2: How Jury Verdicts Affect You as a Caregiver
  • Segment 3: The Importance of Setting Realistic Expectations With Families
  • Segment 4: A Plaintiff's Attorney Speaks: How Trial Attorneys Go After
    You and Your Facility in a Lawsuit (An actual simulated opening
    statement from a plaintiff's attorney)
  • Segment 5: Effective Communication with Families: How Your Marketing
    Can Work Against You/The Importance of Keeping Families
    Updated on Changes in a Loved One's Condition
  • Segment 6: How To Set Reasonable Expectations
  • Segment 7: Why Educating Families on Care Makes Them Your Facility's
    Best Friends
  • Segment 8: How to Expertly Communicate With Families After an Unusual
    Event or Occurrence

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You can watch them in order, or in whatever fashion you chose as each of the eight-part library series stands on its own for information and your personal education.

As part of The Setting Yourself Up For Success Video Library Study Program you'll also watch authentic deposition testimony from an actual nursing facility lawsuit, and step-by step instruction and education on what steps you can immediately take to potentially prevent litigation from striking your facility.

Recommended viewing for Administrators, DON's/Nurses/CNA's, Social Service Directors/Social Workers, Directors of Marketing, Admissions Coordinators, plus Long-Term Care Executives and Long-Term Care Risk Management Professionals, The Setting Yourself Up For Success Video Library Study Program needs to be a major part in your facility risk management education. In fact, it should be required viewing (and watched again each year) for every individual in the nursing facility profession.

Regularly priced at $497.00, you get 33% off the retail investment with three easy monthly payments of $109.66. You can also save an additional $30.00 with a single payment of $299.00.

Order today and receive three free bonus gifts:

Free Bonus Gift #1: We'll pay your shipping and handling expense, a $25.00 value

Free Bonus Gift #2: Three copies of the special Setting Yourself Up For Success Video Library Study Program Workbook. The very same 46-page workbook given to those who attended the presentation in person, you can keep one for yourself and pass out the other two workbooks to others who'll also be watching the video library study program. Retailing at $29.95, this is an $89.85 value but yours at no additional charge!

Free Bonus Gift #3: Join lead attorney Christy Tosh Crider as she sits down for a special interview to discuss and review what the "Setting Yourself Up For Success Video Library Study Program" has to offer and the benefits you and your facility will get from watching it. An excellent resource that helps you get the most out of the presentation. Valued at $39.95, it's free with your order.

That's over $150.00 in free bonus gifts with your order!

As always, you have 30 days to review The Setting Yourself Up For Success Video Seminar, and if not satisfied then return it for a full refund.






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