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Introducing The New "Setting Realistic Expectations"®
DVD Video Program(s)

Now Featuring Separate Presentations On One DVD:
1) Long-Term Care
2) Short-Term Rehabilitation Therapy Care

Better Educate New Admitting Families/ Responsible Parties to Further Strengthen Your Risk Management Process/Prevent Lawsuits!

You've asked and we've listened! The nursing facility landscape has changed. Yes people still come to your facility as long-term care residents. However many are admitted these days as short-term rehabilitation therapy clients. Because of this, we've received many requests for a "Setting Realistic Expectations"® program that specifically features the short-term aspect of your care and services.

It's still true whether it's long or short-term care: most new admitting families and responsible parties have no understanding about the level of care and services you provide. They believe you offer 24/7 one-on-one care, and because the resident is now with you all of his or her problems are solved! Because of this, your chances of getting sued remains high when something occurs which upsets loved ones. The "Setting Realistic Expectations"® program is still your best means to prevent misunderstandings, anger, and yes lawsuits!

We're pleased to now give you both aspects of what your facility provides on one DVD. BEST OF ALL AT NO INCREASE IN YOUR PREVIOUS INVESTMENT. You'll receive both versions (with a new modern look and feel, and filmed live at a nursing facility with actual staff and residents) on one menu-enhanced disc. Just select the presentation that best suits the needs of the new resident, and show that program during the admissions process to the admitting family or responsible party.

As always, it's still recommended that you show "Setting Realistic Expectations"® during the admissions process, and then give the family/responsible party a copy to share with other relatives and keep for future reference. As you know, quite often it's the "other relative" that's quick to get in your face with a complaint or worse visit one of the many LAWSUIT LAWYERS hungering to file litigation against your facility.

Indeed the long-term care version of the modern "Setting Realistic Expectations"® is everything you've come to depend on and trust over the years. It covers every aspect of the nursing facility long-term care environment from A-Z. Watch some sample footage here:

"Our facility was sued. Sadly it was a situation other nursing homes probably go through. You do the best you can for the residents; however one area we fell short was educating families about what we can and cannot do. This particular family was so demanding! I really should've expected something to happen. Ironically, the incident in question was beyond our control. However because we didn't properly educate them about the limitations of care, we had to settle the lawsuit for thousands and thousands of dollars. I sure don't want to go through that again! That's why when I discovered the Setting Realistic Expectations program from a fellow administrator I immediately got a copy. These days we show it during admission and then give a personal copy to every new family we get. I wish I'd used this video back then because it would've stopped that lawsuit dead in its tracks."
Judy C. DeLoach, Administrator, Ivy Hall Nursing Home, Elizabethton, TN

Plus, you'll also receive, on the same DVD, the new "Setting Realistic Expectations"® for Short-Term Rehab Therapy Care. Just toggle between the two menu options and play that presentation that's right for the situation-at-hand. Watch some sample footage here of our new Short-Term presentation:

"Your new short-term program is a masterpiece! It hits all the fine points of rehab therapy care, all the while letting viewers know what it is we do and don't do. This is exactly what we need to let people better understand about short-term care in a group setting."
Bruce Fine, Executive Director, Seal Point Health and Rehabilitation, Wilmington, NC

REMINDER: You receive both versions of the video presentation on one DVD, at no additional investment from the past on your end. Ask yourself when was the last time you received twice as much of anything, and didn't have to pay anything additional for it? And if you've not yet made "Setting Realistic Expectations"® part of your family education and risk management process, now's the time! Request a copy and take 30 days to review it. If you don't like what you see and hear then return it and owe us nothing.

Pricing Chart for Setting Realistic Expectations,
Setting Realistic Expectations for Assisted Living Communities
And Care Plans: The Most Important Person

***Please note that you may mix and match any of these three video programs or order just one title in order to receive the lower pricing. Please tell us if you're a member of a state healthcare association or a GuideOne Insurance policyholder in the on-line comments box on the shopping cart page as you may be eligible for a pricing discount.

Total # of Programs Price Per Program
1-4 Video Programs $89.95
5-9 $21.95
10-24 $19.95
25-49 $17.95
50-99 $15.95
100+ $13.95

Shipping & Handling Chart For Video Programs

Total # of Programs Shipping and Handling
1 $7.95
2 $8.95
3 $9.95
4 $10.95
5 $12.00
6-10 $15.00
11-20 $20.00
21-30 $25.00
31-40 $30.00
41-49 $35.00
On orders of 50 or more video programs, we're pleased to pay your shipping & handling charges.



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