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Hands Up! The Extended Care Products Keep Safe & Healthy Poster Series

Health and Safety experts agree: frequent hand washing, not touching your face, and eliminating as much direct contact with your hands are vitally important to prevent the spread of the Cov-19 virus, plus other germs. You want staff to be ever-mindful of this, so as to keep your residents and fellow employees in a clean, safe environment. Here's a fun and impactful way to get the message across.

We've specifically created three posters to drive home the point. Each colorful presentation utilizes the caption: "Don't Trust Your Hands to Protect Yourself Against Germs."

They are 9 x 12 in size: large enough to drive home the point; compact enough to place in highly traveled areas within your building for staff to see … plus it relays to all who see them, that you are serious about having everyone do what it takes to stay safe! Each poster is laminated to make it as sanitary as possible and they can be cleaned from time-to-time if you wish.

Your investment:

  • One of each poster is at $59.95

  • Two of each poster is at $99.95 (Plus you get one extra poster free)

  • Three of each is at $129.95 (Plus you get another set of one of each poster free)

ADDITIONAL FREE BONUS GIFT: We will pay your shipping and handling expenses, a savings of anywhere from $10.00 to $35.00 based on the size of your shipment.



Don't delay - act now! Send the message you are committed to a safe, clean building and let staff know you have their best interests at heart!

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