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Family Relationships 101

Your Step-by-Step Program for Better Family Relationships

Family Relationships 101 is complete step-by-step program consisting of four audio CD's, two manuals, and as a bonus you receive actual transcripts and recordings of phone calls with family members.  We will expertly take you and your facility by the hand and show you how easy it is to have your own Family Contact Program.  Your families, facility and staff will be the better for it!  You receive:

  • All New! The DVD "The Benefits of Great Family Relationships." Make sure to watch this presentation first! Here you'll discover why it's important for your nursing facility to create outstanding one-on-one relationships with the families of your residents, and how the Family Relationships 101 program is your key to this success. "The Benefits of Great Family Relationships" DVD gives you the three major reasons why starting a family follow-up contact program will be a positive development for your nursing facility and how it will help you and your fellow staff members become better caregivers in the eyes of your families. It's must viewing as a means to putting your own family relationships program in place.
  • CD#1: Your Quick Start to Great Family Relationships.  Join Family Relationships 101 host and veteran communications pro Chip Kessler as he guides you through the nuts and bolts of this customer contact program.  Chip gives you the fundamentals of super family relationships and introduces you to the other elements of this entire educational package.
  • CD#2: Basics of Great Family Follow Ups.  How do you go about forming great relationships with your families?  Join former nursing home administrator, and one of the authors of our Family Relationships 101 program, George "Sandy" Deakins as he takes you through the process.  Sandy gives you the benefits of employing a family/customer contact program, and most importantly, how to set up your very own facility-family program.  He'll go over the exact questions you should be asking your families and the kind of information you want to obtain.  He'll also discuss the reasons for doing family follow-ups shortly after admission, and again periodically during the resident's stay in your facility.
  • CD#3: Sound Risk Management Through Effective Family Relationships.  The objective of any sound customer contact program is to gain information.  Getting this information enables you to give better service to your residents, meet the needs of your residents and families … and most importantly, discovered if there is any anger or resentment regarding the care and services you provide.  As nursing home defense attorney Joel Hollingsworth reviews with you on this CD, the benefits of talking with your families can mean the difference between preventing future litigation and letting anger fester into a lawsuit against you.
  • CD#4: How to Gain Family Trust: Listen as actual Nursing Home Family/Customer Service Representative Wendy Duncan guides you through the process of contacting and speaking with family members who have loved ones in your facility.  Wendy will serve as your escort through this easy-to-do process.  She'll cover every aspect of the program, including the proper way to ask your question, how to be a good listener and let your families know that you are taking their concerns (and praise) to the right people in your building for attention.  As someone, who's been "in the trenches" doing customer contact work, Wendy leaves nothing to chance as she reviews every single facet of how to work well with your families.
  • Your Family Relationships 101 Workbook: Here every major point from the four audio CD's is highlighted for a quick recap and review.  You'll have at your fingertips this handy reference guide to look over again and again.
  • Your Family Relationships 101 Action Manual: Everything you need to know about setting up your very own customer contact program.  Topics covered include, who in your facility is the best person to be making your telephone calls … when is the best time to call families … how often should you attempt to call them … how and why your customer contact person should not be the one to address any issues or attempt to solve any problems over the phone.
  • Your Family Contact Questionnaires: One list of questions to ask your new families, and a second group of questions to use with your existing families on your six month follow up telephone calls.
  • Actual Transcripts of Telephone Contact Calls: From Wendy Duncan's files, you get transcripts of calls she has made to real families who've place their loved one into a nursing home.  Obviously for privacy purposes, we've had to blot out people's names and the names of the particular facilities being spoken about, but other than this it's all here.  You'll read family members likes and dislikes along with their needs and wants for their relatives.  Next to having your own contact program in place, this is as close as you'll get to this kind of vital information.
  • Family Contact Telephone Call Recordings: Listen as Wendy speaks with two real families members who've placed loved one's into nursing facilities.  They've graciously allowed us to record their conversations in order for you to hear first hand the kind of important information you gain from staying in touch.  You'll hear a discussion with a new family member and a telephone call with someone who's had a loved one in the facility for six months.  Again, you won't get any close to what families are thinking except for your very own contact calls.
  • The Extended Care Products Customer Support Program: It wouldn't do for us to tout the benefits of a family/customer contact program, and not practice what we preach.  As a result, we're offering you the opportunity to contact us with any questions you have or arise as you set up and implement your own family contact program.  Thus when you order Family Relationships 101, you will be given a special toll-free hot line to call.  Here, your questions will be addressed personally by Chip Kessler and Wendy Duncan as our goal is to give you the kind of customer service you want to give your residents and families!

The Family Relationships 101 is normally $299.95 however you may get it at 25% savings and invest only $239.95 plus we’ll pay your shipping and handling expenses.

As always you get a full 30 days to review, and if not satisfied return the materials to us and owe no money … no questions asked.



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