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The Active Shooter DVD Program and Resource Guide:
"How to Act and React if the Unthinkable Happens in Your Facility"

It's your worst nightmare come true: an armed gunman has entered your nursing or assisted living facility. The person's intention: to shoot and kill as many people as possible. Yes it's tough to think about however, in this day and age YOU MUST BE PREPARED. There are specific things you must know, and most importantly there are specific steps staff must take in order to survive such an attack. It is nothing less than a matter of life and death for staff, residents, and everyone that happens to be in your building!  Do you want to be ready?  Extended Care Products presents our most important video program ever, "The Active Shooter" with Navy veteran and former New York City and Orlando, FL policeman Joseph Murray. Joe holds certifications from the Department of Homeland Security on Active Shooter and Incident Command. Mr. Murray has developed Active Shooter response policies for numerous Healthcare Organizations nationwide and presently consults on security matters for a select group of long-term care facilities in the Southeast.

In this DVD program you'll discover:

  • Who are the most likely candidates to show up at your building with an intention to kill, and what has motivated them to do so
  • Warning signs that signal staff to potential trouble signs so you can take steps ahead of time to stop potential active shooter situations
  • Important life saving steps to take if an armed gunman enters your facility
  • How to put a viable "Active Shooter" security action-plan in place, and what must be in it
  • And much more

Your presenter is Joseph Murray, a Navy veteran and a former member of the New York City and Orlando, FL police departments. These days Mr. Murray serves as a security consultant for a group of long-term care facilities in the Southeastern United States.


There is no one more qualified that Mr. Murray to give you the tips and strategies you need to deal with this vitally important topic.

"Thank goodness for Joe Murray. He has been an invaluable asset to our building as a security consultant. No one wants to believe that an individual will show up with a loaded weapon and look to kill people. But it's taking place all over our country, in any number of businesses. To not do everything you possibly can to be ready is flirting with disaster. After hearing Joe and following his guidance I and my staff feel much more prepared and secure."
Adrienne Pintilie, Executive Director, Christian Care Center of Cheatham County,
Ashland City, TN

The Active Shooter DVD program is packed with information you can immediately put to use in your assisted living or nursing facility.  IT IS MUCH WATCHING for every staff member!  Doing so will potentially save lives, if and when the unthinkable happens. Failing to properly know how to act and react in this situation will mean the difference between living and dying. There's no other way to put it in the world we now live in where workplace violence is sadly an almost daily occurrence.

"The Active Shooter" DVD program regularly is $299.97 however for a limited time it's at $219.97, a discount of 25%. In addition there are volume discounts available on this program for those long-term care management companies and ownership groups that wish to order for three or more buildings. Please inquire about this at 1-800-807-4553 or at chip@ecpnews.net.

Plus when you respond, you'll also receive our "Active Shooter" Resource Guide.  This guide features the information you need to have in writing, and what you must know to be best prepared, if the unthinkable strikes your facility. Here Joe Murray has put in writing the very details you'll see and hear in his video presentation so that you have this data in an easy to review format. It's the perfect compliment to "The Active Shooter" DVD program.

WARNING: Perhaps staff's received active shooter training in the past - all well and good. However do they even remember what to do? Plus what about any new employees who haven't gotten such training? With "The Active Shooter" DVD program you get INSTANT ACCESS for staff to review every-so-often to always be ready!

Act now, and receive four free bonus gifts:

  • We'll pay your shipping and handling expenses, a $25.00 value

  • Because it is so vitally important that all staff members watch the DVD presentation, we are going to include TWO additional copies of "The Active Shooter" DVD program, giving you three copies of the program in all to pass around.

  • BREAKING NEWS: a 4th bonus added! By popular demand, we're now providing a special "Active Shooter" multiple choice written quiz you can give any staff member watching the DVD presentation for the first-time. Developed by video program presenter Joseph Murray, this quiz gives you insight into an employee's understanding of what to do in case an Active Shooter strikes your facility. Many state health care associations, and others are currently requiring a written examination to get credit for staff having received active shooter training. Now you have it! You also receive a copyright-free license to make copies of this quiz, and to use it as often as needed. This is a $59.97 value and is yours with our compliments.

You're invited to get this package and take a full 30 days to review it. If you're not satisfied, then return it for a "no-questions-asked" refund.

Believe it can't happen in your facility? Click below to watch details of a deadly nursing home rampage.

If you're still on the fence about getting this package, please ask yourself the following questions:  

  • Right now, what will I and my fellow staff member do if an armed gunman walks into our building with the intention to shoot people?
  • Today, do we have a viable plan in place to deal with such an episode?
  • Am I confident that no staff, residents, or others in our facility will die if the unthinkable occurs?

Yes, these are tough questions to ask, however not having the right answers will be even tougher to deal with, if you are not fully prepared.  "The Active Shooter" video program with U.S. military veteran, former policeman, and present long-term care security consultant Joseph Murray gives you the best information to survive.



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